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Welcome to the Middle Ga Rug Spa website.  Discover how you can get the most thorough rug cleaning Macon, Forsyth, and Warner Robins can offer.  We’ll share 5 reasons why you’ll love our service. 

You’ll see a video on how to select the best rug cleaning company for you.  You’ll see pictures of our work and you’ll hear what others say about us too. 

My name is Cory McCook.  I am CEO of Carpet Cure Inc and have co-founded The Middle GA Rug Spa with Ernie Thompson, CEO of Thompson’s Cleaning.  We created the Middle Ga Rug Spa in Forsyth, GA so that all of middle GA would have a place get their rugs properly cleaned. 

As more and more people are putting hardwood floors in their home, the demand for professional rug cleaning has dramatically increased over the past decade.  For years, we have listened to our clients complain about having to take their fine rugs all the way to Atlanta for proper cleaning.  

Rug cleaning pickup and delivery

FREE rug pick-up and delivery in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia

We simply have not had the space needed to care for many rugs.  Now, there is a place for you, right here in middle GA, to take care of all your rug cleaning needs.

Although there are many “carpet and rug cleaners” around Macon, GA, none are rug cleaning experts that specialize in fine fabrics and oriental rugs.  Who do you trust with your fine area rugs? 

Do you want an uneducated person who doesn’t know much about the construction and stableness of your rug, who assumes all fabrics are the same and his “super cleaning product” will clean it all, who doesn’t have a clue why some of the rugs he cleans change shape, shrink or bleed?

Do you want someone who charges a cheap price because ...

  • They use old outdated equipment and discounted supermarket cleaning products.

  • They do NOT spend any money on important things like education and  INSURANCE.

  • They are NOT gonna allow time for important things like pre-inspection qualification of your rug, rug dusting, fringe cleaning, rug post-inspection.


Or do you want your rugs to be cared for by someone who has specialized training in the area of rug cleaning, is trusted all over middle Ga from Griffen to Bonaire by Interior Designers and Rug Retailers, and is networked with the finest rug cleaners in the Nation? 

Middle Ga Rug Spa is your place for all your special rug cleaning needs.

Even Though This Rug Looks GREAT...

It's NOT Good Enough!

This is Ernie. He’s the most obsessive-compulsive cleaner you’ll ever meet. If there’s dirt, Ernie can’t leave it alone. We told him it couldn’t get any cleaner. Even though the rug looks great, he knows that any soil particles left in the rug will cause rapid resoiling and take away the rugs soft and lusterous appearance.

He’ll be here all night with his little microscope looking for dirt concentrations. Then he’ll dust and clean this rug until he’s satisfied. He really needs something else to clean.

Help! Have your rugs lost their bright and lusterous appearance? Take a look and call today.

Why You Can Trust Middle Georgia Rug Spa...

We are an IICRC certified and trained firm
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5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Services

  1. Experience.  We are owner operators of the Rug Spa and together bring over 17 years experience in caring for fine rugs and fabrics.  You’ll get someone caring for your rugs that is experienced in all fabric types and all soiling conditions.  This insures that no matter what your situation is, we will be familiar with it.

  2. Education.  We are certified by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification.)  We have invested thousands of dollars for specialized training in proper care and cleaning of rugs and other fine fabrics.  From our involvement with the rug care industry, we have become networked with other Rug Care Specialists around the world.  This brings a wealth of knowledge to the care and cleaning of your rug. 

  3. Reputation.  Our reputation is golden.  We are referred exclusively by many of the area’s best dry cleaners, realtors, retailers and also by several local carpet cleaning companies who are unable to clean rugs that need in-facility care.  Call us if you would like references.

  4. Systems.  Our cleaning systems are proven to be the best at removing more soil without causing damage to fine fabrics.  We are proficient with all approved cleaning methods.  Hot water extraction, shampooing, encapsulation, dry cleaning and pit washing.  Often, we will combine several methods to achieve the results we are looking for. 

  5. Guarantee.  Your rug will be thoroughly inspected for problems and concerns prior to cleaning.  Once the expected results are determined and the cleaning is completed, we will inspect your rug again to qualify it for delivery or pick up.  If the expected results you and I are looking for are not achieved, you are not charged. 


Thank you for your interest in The Middle GA Rug Spa.  Please call us today or fill out the form below.



Client Reviews...

"After the purchase of several oriental rugs (at auction), I knew I needed to have them cleaned.  I came across the Middle Georgia Rug Spa. I chuckled at the name "spa" but thought I'll give them a try.  Actually, I think my rugs were treated better than I have been treated at a spa!  Each rug was picked up by courteous employees who were more than drivers. They had knowledge about rug identification, cleaning and care to share.  

I have now had seven rugs cleaned by Middle Georgia Rug Spa.  When returned I was amazed they were the same rugs that I had sent.They are beautiful! I believed I knew the colors and patterns of each one but once cleaned, the colors and clarity of weave were breath taking.  

I absolutely would recommend Middle Georgia Rug Spa as my #1 choice in professional rug care. Rugs are an investment and mine were returned much more beautiful than when they were picked up for cleaning. If they could talk, they would say, "When can we go back to the Spa."

- J.Jackson. Perry, GA

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If you're not happy, it's FREE! Your rugs are thoroughly inspected for problems and concerns prior to cleaning.  Once the expected results are determined and the cleaning is completed, we inspect your rug again to qualify it for delivery or pick up.  If the expected results you and I are looking for are not achieved, you are not charged

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Cory McCook


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